Upper East Side Adventure – Wei Wang

It is very interesting to walk around my neighborhood. I usually walk to school everyday. From my apartment to school is a 10-15 minutes walk, I enjoy walking in different route every time. I feel safe and energetic in this area; also there are pharmacies, super markets, restaurants, tall buildings everywhere. People in this area are friendly and polite, the doormen greet with people who walk by, the dog owners always pick up the dog poop when they walk the dog.


I am surprise that I saw so many parking garage and the Laundromat around here, I think it’s because peoples’ need since Upper East Side is a good residence area. Also there are a lot of townhouses that has advertisement at the door so that you can directly see the outside of the house and decide to call the agent of it. For apartment hunting, this ways is the most effective and efficient ways to directly communicate with tenant. And it shows the product in front of you, make everything more convenient!


I walk around seeing people waiting for the bus at the bus station, even myself passing by those stations my eyes go strait to the poster in the bulletin, it scrolls and switch to another poster in about every 5 second. Media include advertisement, propaganda and technology, through those methods people naturally and unconsciously get the information that the companies, institutes, government, or any one who try to spread their ideas.


I love French bulldog and English bulldog, I think a lot of people in my neighborhood has dogs, unlike other area, Upper East Side has good amount of people walking dogs. And elders hanging around the apartment garden or holding hands on the road. I really feel people can live in this area because it is very safe and quiet also it’s very convenient and suitable for students. A lot of groceries store are offering the online shopping, it is so cool!


People always have the stereo type of “Upper East Side”, such as people here are rich and living in a luxury life style just like the drama show Gossip Girl. This is how Media effects to culture. Culture can be affected by media, too. I think it goes both ways. Stereotype is the idea that generate by a groups of people, and people create the culture, so people now believes that Upper East Side is the area that filled of wealthy communities.

But the truth is, people who live around here are mostly elders, families, or students. Yes, some of them might be wealthy, but they don’t make you feel like that. I think Upper East Side is an area that surround with different communities.


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